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“It's all about Fun”


We have all seen "Stomp", a popular drum act of which the members are known to play everything from trash cans to kitchen sinks. You've probably heard the vocal styling of the "Nylons" a legendary accapella group. However we're highly confident that you've never seen nor heard these two great forces combined. Toss in some horns, acoustic guitars, and a touch of comedy and you have, Vocal Trash, a new and exciting act out of Texas burning up the road with a fun filled show worthy of the entire family.

Designed to combine tight vocal harmonies with the grit of "Street Instruments", Vocal Trash delivers a unique blend of Oldies, Rock and Roll with contemporary beats, to achieve a sound not soon forgotten by spectators young and old.

You can use Vocal Trash alone as a opening act or presentation SHOW... or
Start with Vocal Trash and then finish the evening with the full dancing sets of their band, City to City.

“It's all about Fun”
“No one leaves the show with a frown, it's a rule”
“We play to all ages. Good music appeals to everyone, and the kids love the drumming theatrics. It's a lot of fun”.

So, there you have it!! Why hire just "another band" for your current event when you can have the wildly unique Vocal Trash.

Listen To The Beat & Harmonies of VOCAL TRASH!

Now, Listen To The "City To City" Band