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Robots - Beemer, Maggie and Mike

Extremely lifelike, Fascinating, and just plain FUN! Nothing is more fun than a robot chatting with you while riding along on a tricycle. Children and adults are fascinated by these darling robots.

Ideal for children's entertainment and Trade Show promotion.

Rusty, the Robot

Rusty has successfully proven to be a delightful entertainer, effectual educator and an unprecedented promotional item. His charming personality, clever wit and multimedia accessories will make your event unforgettable. When you capture their imagination and hold their attention, you will accomplish your goalů

Are you having an upcoming event or a special sales item? Rusty will pass out flyers, cards, brochures, etc. for your company or event. He will even tell people (young or old) about you.

Rusty, the Robot, will make an unforgettable impression at:

Trade Shows
Fairs and Expositions
Corporate Events
Special Events
Private Parties