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Nathan Johnson

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Nathan Johnson Plays a wide variety of music and has a smooth voice that everyone can appreciate

Nathan Johnson isn’t the typical Texas singer-songwriter. His sound isn’t that rocking country or country rock sound that seems to define most Texas singer-songwriter-labeled music. Not that Johnson doesn’t do rock or country or country rock. It’s just that he incorporates a lot of other sounds into his music, too — music that can also linger on a cool, bluesy groove or cool jazzy whisper. Johnson calls his style a “laid-back” kind of rock in which he throws a little pop, a little folk and a little blues, and he has been called an Elton John with a guitar.

With a bit of a bluesy slant and a mellow groove, Johnson is more John Mayer and Ben Harper, more Billy Joel and Elton John than he is Johnny Cash — not that he won’t unleash some Johnny Cash on you if you request it, “I think it’s more like laid-back rock,” said Johnson of his sound. “I’m from Texas, but I don’t have a twang in my voice … I love country music, I just don’t gravitate toward that.”

Nathan was named Indie Artist of the Month for January 2008 by Texas Music Times TV interview and performance In January 2008 Nathan's performed Little Miss Amazing live on a CBS affiliate KXII out of Sherman, TX. "I noticed right from the start that Nathan Johnson is this talented, unconventional artist with a very diverse anthology. "The Feeling I Got" mirrors Nathan's own carefree yet thoughtful attitude on life. You can't go wrong with this music" Ryan Loyd - KXII news anchor
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