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Jill Peters
Comedy and More


As Seen on "Good Morning Texas"
Jill Peters' Signature Role


"Brilliant, sweet, incisive and nothing short of magical."
- Brad Bailey, Dallas Observer

"A one-woman cabaret phenomenon."
- Gary McDonald, D Magazine

Brendene is "Everywoman."

She is the working mom, lunch room lady and trailer trash housewife with a larger than life world view of junk food, bubba husbands and redneck beauty hints. (How does she accessorize those muumuu, flip flop and curler ensembles?) She is everybody's long-lost cousin or big hearted friend. The edge and smarts of Rosanne, the heart of Carol Burnett, the voice of Lena Horne all combine to make Jill Peters' signature comic persona a memorable one.

About the Show:
Brendene's Wild Woman Weekend is a spoof of the working world in the new millennium. Brendene sees her hubby and co-workers "downsized" and begins a journey through her own hilarious money making schemes and self help seminars. After an "Encounter Your Wild Woman" weekend she and her cafeteria cohorts form a garage band and set out for "musical major stardom."

The show is formatted in short, stand-alone segments that can join together to form any length from a 30- or 45-minute program to a 2-hour program with intermission.

Show is great at a luncheon, after-dinner theater, or supper club setting.

There is music which can be performed to recorded music or live accompanist.

Custom Standup and Good Natured "Roasts" Available.

We can interview you and use the info to do some customized comedy that is specific to your group.

We can do topical humor on your industry or a good natured roast of a key manager.

Many Talents of Jill Peters

Kids Love Music (and Storytelling!)
Jill Peters is a virtuoso vocalist and hilarious storyteller. Her programs consist of Sing-along songs, interactive storytelling and musical games with goofy dance moves. Lots of Participation is Lots of Fun!

The beauty of storytelling is that the children get to contribute their ideas into the story and become actively involved using their imaginations. Programs can be geared for any group. Typical groupings might be full family, 7-10 years or 3-6 years. With grown-ups and bigger kids present, we even get some of them up front acting out the plot. We do lots of silly songs, some variations on traditional tunes, some Disney, and a smattering of golden oldies.

For these lively shows, Jill brings a small, classroom-size PA, a mic, and recorded accompaniment. (For larger venues, rental of a sound system is recommended.)

Her Seasonal Characters include:

Frienda, the friendly ghost storyteller for Hallowe'en

Mrs. Santa. Perfect as a solo show or as a compliment to Santa Claus.
Her shows are formatted in short segments that each conclude with a sing-along song. At each segment she can briefly break to make announcements, draw for prizes, and send the little ones in groups to see Santa - the perfectly entertaining solution to long Santa lines!

The Story Fairy, Teller of Fairy Stories or Mother Goose The Story Fairy is a kind of spangled pink goofy cross between the fairy on Rocky & Bullwinkle, Glinda, and Phyllis Diller. Mother Goose is a colorful storybook look. Just Some of the Clients who have enjoyed "Kids Love Music & Story Telling"