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James A. Myles "Sir Myles"

"Sir Myles" has you covered.

With his vast experience and enthusiasm for the trade, he's been able to capture the ambiance to make each event extremely memorable for our clients.

Every client is met with EXCITEMENT and MOTIVATION to succeed and to be the very best!

With a music library of over 10,000 selections, lighting and proficient sound reinforcement, he will make your event the TIME OF YOUR LIFE!

James will be happy to meet with you and discuss your individual needs and how he can help to fill those.

Kudos and Accolades

"Deb, Just wanted to let you and Carol to know, Sir Myles was awesome. He did a fantastic job of playing a variety of musical styles at a great volume. Thank you so much for recommending him."
----- Grace Lovrien Administrative Assistant to Tom Gills Dey LP

"Sir Myles, you were awesome! You were just what the party needed! Thanks for all the extra services you provided Ardenia and Spencer. It was above the call of duty! Look forward to next time!"
----- Vlaerie Lewen

"The DJ was amazing, he did NOTHING wrong at all. It was perfect and everyone had a great time. I could not have asked for a better DJ. The music was perfect and everyone was impressed with James."
----- Ryan & Michelle - wedding

"James, we would like to thank you for making our day so special."
----- Ramona & Matt - wedding

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