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How To Choose Your Wedding Entertainment

The Importance of Having Music at Your Reception.

Whether you decide upon a band or a DJ, the musical entertainment sets the mood and ambiance of your reception. It sends a welcoming message of warmth and anticipation to your guests as they first enter the doors of your reception site and, as the evening progresses, the music is the single determining factor whether your reception becomes a party or a PARTY!
  Music is the memory everyone takes with them.

How to Decide on The Best Entertainment For You.

As you plan for your wedding day, you'll want only the highest quality professionals in every field. Your musical needs are no exception. How do you really know if a band has the experience of playing at weddings?  Your wedding day is much too important to worry about whether the band will be set up on time, know how to introduce the bride and groom correctly, be dressed appropriately, know what to do when you toss the bouquet, be cooperative about the volume, etc. If they are inexperienced at weddings, you should just keep looking.

How to Find Your Entertainment.

Although, some wedding entertainers do mix public club events with private events, many of the bands or DJ's that regularly do weddings aren't found playing in clubs. Where do you begin? If you have been to a wedding recently, ask the bride how she found her entertainers. Your hotel or country club caterer might have a referral list. Call a professional entertainment agency.

Why Use a Professional Entertainment Agency?

When enlisting the help of an entertainment agency, your options and choices are greatly expanded. Most of the groundwork has already been done by the agency. They should be able to provide you with a large selection of entertainers available on your date, proven professionals that fit your needs and budget. The agent you work with will ask you many questions. This helps him (or her) suggest groups for you to consider. It is important that you work with people who listen and understand what you want.

Ask your entertainment agent what is the best way to audition the groups you are interested in. Sometimes, a band or DJ will be at an event where you can poke your head in and listen. Check with your agent first to make sure it is appropriate for you to view them at someone else's event. Perhaps, you might prefer demo tapes and then visiting with the band leader in person or over the phone.

I Found The Band I Want...Now What Do I Do?

If you're sure you've found the right band, don't let them get away. You may not be the only bride considering that particular band and, if they get a firm offer, they will probably take it. Most of the very popular bands are booked three months to a year or more in advance. A signed contract and deposit (usually, fifty percent) holds the date. Once the decision is made, most brides feel a huge sigh of relief. They know that the entertainment they chose will contribute to a memorable reception that will be enjoyed by everyone.

Most importantly, relax and enjoy your wedding day!


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