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The Fins

What if Etta James married Van Morrison and their children were Norah Jones and Joe Cocker, AND they had two Chinese Cresteds named "Wilson" and "Pickett" along with an ill-tempered iguana named "Delbert" . . . Rock'n Soul at it's best!

10/24/2007 - The producer of our new CD, Phil York, has notified us that we have been successfully submitted and screened by the Recording Academy and are now in the running for a Grammy in two categories:

* Best Pop Album of the Year
* Best Pop Vocal by a Female

Have a listen and see why!

The Fins' Song List

What people say about The Fins

"As a record reviewer, musician, DJ, and fan, I was still not prepared for how fabulous the songs from the new CD are. I've always thought Dennis was one of the greatest singers around, and I've never heard him sound better. As for Patti, when she gives out that little 'aw' toward the end, I get weak in the knees. The band is tight and grooving, especially the rhythm section, the songs are classics, and the production is impeccable. Who wouldn't want to hire this band?"
---Lewis Shiner (Author of Glimpses and Say Goodbye)

"Quite impressive. Your vocalist IS Van The Man. A tasty rendition: it made my morning."

"I received your CD in the mail yesterday. I took it home last night and was playing it during dinner..... Good Stuff! The problem I am going to have is peeling from my youngest daughters hands. She ejected it from the CD player and proceeded to walk away with it! I think you have made a new fan. Go figure a 17 year old jamming with the Fins! My daughter sings in her school choir and is amazed in the clarity and tone of your female lead singer. Looks like I am going to have to buy another one for myself. Great job on the CD!"
--- Tom

"Thanks for the best birthday party I've ever had! I was totally blown away by the band!"
--- "Cousin" Don Brown

"Holy Cow! The excerpts are fantastic! Have you guys considered maybe playing some of the festivals around town? Y'know, like Wildflower, or Artfest or something? It's probably too late for this year, but maybe next year? Do you guys just do covers, or have you written some originals too? Wow wow wow!?"
--- Mary

"I just wanted to take a moment to say WOW and THANKS!!! I saw The Fins doing a gig in Irving and I was SO impressed!!!! You guys are amazing!! Your lead guitarist is exceptionally talented, your singers are unbelievable, bassist is an anchor, drummer is outta sight, sax is beyond impressive and your pianist is superb!! It takes alot to evoke this kind of praise from me when it comes to musicians, but I'm honestly having a hard time coming up with enough words that convey the sheer talent I witnessed that evening!! Please keep me informed of ALL your up-coming gigs, 'cause I want to be there for ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!! You guys are the best live performance I've seen since the great Carlos Santana himself ten years ago!! (and i've seen alot!!) You covered songs I didn't think could be done by anyone, and I've never been more happy to be proven wrong!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! THANKS FOR SUCH AN ENERGETIC AND OUTSTANDING SHOW!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!!"
--- Damon Sykes

"That guy (Dennis) can sing anything. He's got a great voice!"

"It was the best variety of music I've ever heard in a local band and I was thoroughly impressed with everyone...."
---Local Music Figure

"This place usually is empty by 11 o'clock. It's midnight and the place is packed! Everyone was calling their friends on cell phones to come see you guys!"
---Waiter at a recent gig

"Is there any style of music that guy (Dennis) can't sing?"

"...good mix of songs. Especially like "Red House", and hadn't heard "Glad" in years."
--- Terrie (about the live CD)