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Face Reader

"Sandra was a big hit - had a line waiting all night."
Mica Cheshier, MOMN&D

Sandra has been a professional Face Reader for nine years. She simply looks at people to accurately describe their personality traits and typical behaviors. Since 1996, she has been teaching people how to communicate more effectively through face reading, and has read thousands of faces at parties, events and trade shows.

Sandra gained expertise in this relatively new field through study and application. She gained her Certification in Personology through the International Centre for Personology in Petaluma, California in January 1999. She also reads and tests material from other sources as she continues her independent study and research in the field.

Sandra's background includes 23 years in the print industry. Her last job was as a publications manager producing a four-color magazine to the field for a major international corporation. Sandra has owned her own business for the past 11 years.

Sandra offers the following services in Face Reading:

A bold bid for a memorable party or event, Face Reading takes it to a new level. Sandra reads for private parties and is an unparalleled draw for galas and company events, from Christmas parties and Employee Appreciation Days to Fund Raisers and private parties.

Lively, dynamic and fun, Sandra talks about the world of reading faces from its origins to what your face tells about you today, spicing it with stories and demonstrations using audience members.

These are designed to promote understanding and more effective communication vvithin a group, whether it be a team, an organization, or a family. Sandra explains what face reading is, what it can do and how one reads a face. Then she reads each person to the group and talks about his/her natural approaches to life. Q & A included.

Seminars give you a hands-on start in the art of reading people. In the seminar, you learn where the traits are, how to gauge them, what they mean, and what behaviors to expect. Illustrated handouts, practice, Q & A time. Great for Staff Development, Sales Training, and In-Service Day Training.


BOTTOM-LINE When there are lots of eyelids showing that indicates the person would generally prefer that you cut to the chase and not bore them with details they really don't want to know. Getting the basic drift of an idea, they move into direct action, setting their feelings aside to "Just get the job done." They take a dim view of trailing after tangents and may attempt to hijack floundering meetings to get to the point, get a vote if necessary, and if it's not necessary, let's finish it, and get out!
PROBING When there are no eyelids visible with the eyes in a normal open position, this indicates a person who will want to know why. You could call them the original "why-babies" because they can't be satisfied with a mere swipe across a subject. It has to make sense to them and they will probe, dig, and cross examine people until it does. And if your version of a fact, idea or story doesn't jive with theirs, they will try to convince you you're wrong. After all, they've thought it all through, checked out the facts, compared notes and arrived at the only logical conclusion. Obviously you haven't or your conclusions would agree with theirs. Right?
LENIENT When the eyes are spaced widely apart (more than an eye's width between them) the person tends to be more relaxed, big picture in their approach and will put up with uncomfortable or problematic situations for some time without saying anything or moving to correct them. They procrastinate about it. They do have a long rope and but when they reach the end of it, that's it. You could call it a "long fuse, big bang syndrome."
DILIGENT Close-set eyes indicate a person with a hair-trigger reaction to things. They move to make things happen immediately, are very conscientious, can be rule-bound (their own, of course), and very prompt. Their job is to keep the rest of the world on time, accurate, and doing what's right. When they are finished with an encounter, they want you out of their space so they can move on to the next item on their agenda. And when they finally do relax (after everything is finished), it's by doing something fun, not by lolling around.