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Michael’s astounding new art form--Art Explosion!--has audiences around the world totally mesmerized. Working at the speed of light, often with several brushes and hands simultaneously, Michael transforms a huge, 6’ x 7’ canvas into a masterpiece in minutes.

Famous icons like Lennon, Einstein, Sinatra, Elvis, and Marilyn Monroe, historical figures, and even an honored guest come to life before the amazed audience’s very eyes. Michaeli’s cutting edge artistic adventure is proving to be one of the hottest new acts around the world.

As Art Explosion!, Michael has recently shared the stage with Jay Leno, Richard Roundtree, Cheech Marin, and Patrick Swayze, to name a few. He continues to be the highlight of USA Tributes with his inspirational portraits of The Statue of Liberty, Uncle Sam, and President George Bush.

“Amazing! There’s no one who can do what you do.”
-Alice Cooper, Rock Musician

“The most unique show to come along in over a decade.”
-Basil Xipolitos, FORD

“Kudos to Michael: The most memorable product launch we have ever had. As Michael finished his painting of the new Boeing 717, the curtains rose to reveal the actual plane on the runway. It was such a magical moment that AeBal Airlines flew him to Spain for an encore performance.”
-Barbara Kneeshaw, BOEING

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