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Limelight Band

Limelight Band will custom design an evening of music... just for you! 

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Limelight Band   
... a great choice!

One of the country’s premier entertainment packages, Dallas, Texas based Limelight Band is now one of the most sought after bands for private and corporate events.

The LimeLight Band was created to appeal to a large and musically diverse audience. They are right at home in any venue, with musical styles that range from Frank Sinatra, to Earth Wind and Fire, to the hits of today. Limelight’s members have an onstage chemistry that comes only with years of performance. On their respective instruments, they are among the best in the country. Watch this group and it quickly becomes apparent that the band genuinely enjoys what they do.

When Limelight performs, the audience becomes a part of the show which is always spontaneous. The music they play always gets the crowd going and creates a party atmosphere that is electrifying and infectious.

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