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The Levee Singers started in 1961...2011 marks our 50th Anniversary! We just completed our tremendously successful, 9 night "Sold-Out-Every-Night" Celebration Concert Series in early April...with Dallas' best known radio and media personality, Ron Chapman, hosting and MC'ing. Thanks to lots of rehearsal time, our public shows at the Pocket Sandwich Theatre in Dallas...and a great number of private dates...2009 through the present time marks our busiest and best times in over 20 years!

The Levee Singers...began as the "Levee Banjo Band"...the weeknight entertainment at the Levee. The name was changed to the Levee Singers when the group began appearing on national TV shows and across the country at conventions and concerts and in Las Vegas and Reno.

The group quickly became one of Dallas' best-known and most in-demand entertainment groups in the early 1960's. They might start a night at the Levee, play the first set and, at the break, pile into Ed's car, drive 10 minutes to downtown Dallas, run into a hotel showroom, do a 20 minute show for a convention, run back out to the Levee and resume the night...their place having been taken for an hour by a sub band.

The Levee Singers have been active through all the years since the beginning, playing company and corporate events, business meetings, society parties and other special events of all kinds. Since the Levee closed at the end of the 60's, public club/restaurant performances have been rare. At one point, during the early 90's, they were asked to work regularly at a new club, named after and made to look like the original Levee, adjacent to the Ponchartrain Restaurant on Preston Road. That lasted only a short while. They worked for awhile at a restaurant on McKinney Avenue in Dallas. Neither of those efforts seemed to be able to recreate the essence of the original Levee. It was so unique in time and was a combination of many different ingredients that can' so many things in exactly duplicated or recaptured.

During the past 10-11 years, however, in addition to its' many private functions, the group has been appearing often at the Pocket Sandwich Theatre, a small venue just down the street, on Mockingbird Lane, from where the Levee used to be. The atmosphere and feel of the room is so similar to the Levee, it's almost unbelievable. If the "feel" of the Levee could ever be duplicated...this is it!

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