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JCD - Sounds of Texas

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The Texas Highwaymen

Perfect for intimate settings, such as cocktails, dinner or after parties. In Texas, our singer-songwriters are a delicacy to the ears. Hear why their songs have been recorded by some of the biggest names in the music business. Texas is synonymous with American music, and in their fun and lively show, these hit-makers will show you why.

The Show

Next, we move on to the main course - The Show. Texas has produced more Grammy Award winners than anywhere else on the planet. In this high energy concert setting, we show you why. This is a unique, live show that pays tribute to the legends of Texas music. The show features twenty carefully selected songs from different Lone Star legends that have impacted popular music. It celebrates the overall influence that Texans have had, and continue to have, on Rock, Pop, Country and Blues. It's not only a live musical tribute, but a high tech, visual experience as well. From Stevie Ray Vaughn and ZZ Top to Waylon & Willie, this is a one of a kind show that you'll only experience in Texas.

The Texas Party Band

After that, The Texas Party Band will rock the night away with party classics from every decade.